Greta War Cemetery

---Front Row---

VX 120398 Cpl J.F.Kelly Infantry 14th July 1945 Age23

N105381 Private G.H.T.Kelly Infantry 18th May 1945 Age 47

QX54312 Cpl E.C.Anderson Infantry 19th April 1945 Age25

NX 103499 Cpl K.R.F.Riley 41/2 Infantry Battalion 17th Febuary 1945 Age 25

VX 93216 Private L.W.Wallace Infantry 6th August 1944 Age 18

N99360 Lance Bombardier A.Dean Royal Australian Artillary 17th June 1944 Age 55

F.P.Fitzgerald served as VX 73229 Private F.Connelly Infantry 1st May 1944 Age 24

VX 125035 Bombarier B.J.A.Mooney Royal Australian Artillary 14th October 1943 Age 19

65080 Lance Bombardier C.M.Harris Royal Australian Artillary 21st September 1943 Age39

VX20593 Craftsman W.M.Bowen Corps of Elect and Mechanical Engineers 25th June 1943 Age 30

QX 49020 Gunner H.A.Bieske Royal Australian Artillary 1st July 1943 Age 20

N 8142271 Private H.H.Clarke Army Service Corps 1 January 1943 Age 25

Rear Row

NX 170475 Private W.A.Eyres 13/33 Infantry Battalion 29 October 1945 Age 29

SX 39895 Sgt C.Fuss Education Service 9th April 1946 Age 21

QX 500291 Private A.H.Bright Infantry 12 April 1946 Age 18

W8589 Cpl A.G.Beardman School of Instruction 28 May 1946 Age 22

V507626 Cpl F.W.Allison Army Provost Corps 28 Sept 1946 Age 42

WX 501160 Private R.H.Heal Infantry 15 November 1947

NX 96790 Sgt H.O.Buckley Army Medical Corps 15 November 1947 Age 37

NX 504696 Private H.P.Minett 30 September 1946 Age 18

During the Second World War 1939-45. The City of Newcastle was a strategic Military Site both as a centre for Heavy Industry and as a busy Seaport.

On 8 June 1942 Newcastle came under attack from a Japanese Submarine but their were no casulties recorded. 

This area was a Major Staging area for the AIF Divisions and supported some of the largest concentrations of troops in Australia thoughout the War.

The Australian Second Army, including the 1st 9th 25th Brigades and the 3rd Army Tank Brigade were based on the outskirts of Newcastle.

The 4th Armoured Brigade in Singleton and Three Artillary Training Regiments at Greta.

The Greta War Cemetry which is part of the General Cemetry contains the Graves of 20 Australian Army Personnel.